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Beaulieu stables and loose boxes

Roof :
4 x 2 (100 x 50mm) p.a.r. purlins supported on manufactured trusses and gable ends, 19 x 125mm bargeboards. Black onduline maintenance free corrugated roofing sheets. Alternative roof coverings are available as an extra (i.e. coloured onduline - red, brown, green), or felt tiles, cedar shingles, felt and board etc.,.

Constructed on 3 x 2 (75 x 50mm) p.a.r. tanalised softwood timber uprights at 24" (600) centres fixed with galvanised nails and corrugated fasteners and clad with (ex 5/8 x 5") 19 x 125mm p.a.r. pressure impregnated tanalised redwood shiplap. Louvre ventilation grille to each gable end.

Kickboards :
18mm kickboards (O.S.B) to a height of 4’ (1.2m). Tack rooms and hay stores are not lined as standard but can be as an optional extra if required.

Fully opening acrylic window in redwood frame for added ventilation, protected with galvanised wire grill (30" x 30").

Doors :
Constructed with 5" (125mm) TGV boarding (19mm p.a.r. thick and fully treated) and lined with ply to bottom section, Anti chew strips are fitted to bottom doors. Furniture to door are heavy duty galvanised T hinges, 18" padlock bolts, kickbolts and door hooks.

Black gutters are fitted to front as standard and can be fitted to rear as an optional extra.

Canopy :
The ‘Beaulieu’ has a 3’6" (1100mm) canopy/overhang to front lined with shiplap.

Dimensions :
External metric measurements for a 12’ x 12’ Beaulieu stable are 3.58 x 3.58m. Height to eaves 7’6" (2.210mm) and to ridge 9’8" (excluding brickwork).

Optional extras :
Fully line to eaves
Clear roof sheets
Line canopy/ overhang with shiplap
Ply kickboard lining instead of sterling board
 Gutters to rear £3 per foot. Coloured onduline
Additional gable end vents
Additional window
Top door lined
Additional stable door
Additional tack room door
Standard wire mesh talk grilles
Heavy duty galvanised talk grilles
Double barn doors
Extend stable doors down to ground level (i.e. no brickwork or timber threshold across doorway)
Felt and board roof